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        It seems crazy how some things work out. We had, since we set foot back on New York soil, talked about doing a photo session in the snow. Our desires were to become fulfilled during this incredible Maternity shoot in Central Park. The day before the meteorologists had talked about the first snow of the season, this both intrigued us and scared us because the couple we were photographing were expecting. Snow, aside from being extremely fun, can be incredibly slippery and dangerous. The whole time was spent tippy toeing around in order not to slip, and it was all so worth it. We predicted the session could have went one of two ways, extremely crazy and bad or incredibly wonderful. We’re happy to say that the latter was the case. We’d like to present you with A Maternity in Central Park.



        Amazing photos!! Darling couple! ❤️

        Simply stunning! We’re hoping to plan a trip soon because this is just too beautiful to resist! Gorgeous work, as always!

        These are gorgeous! I’m excited y’all are here in New York now. I love your work. Having you photograph my family is one of my goals for 2018!

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