When we think Brooklyn, our minds quickly paint an imagery of old buildings and an overwhelming creativity and realization of rich history. You couldn’t stumble on a  more perfect stage. ‘Westside Story’ sets on Broadway aspire to be able to emulate the dust of the real ‘Concrete Jungle.’ What more can you ask for? for any type of shoot. We began our day, heading into Brooklyn and simply walking around. Looking for a bar or bistro, we stopped by the former and had a beer or two. We couldn’t help but document everything around us, who could resist in such an awesome place. Once we were filled with beer, food and coffee we slowly made our way over to meet Shirly, Julian, Elliot, and Yael. This family was such fun to hang out with. We are so used to shooting in fields and plains, that shooting a family in a city scape was a bit of a challenge, but we couldn’t be more excited for how it all came together. The gloom of the day only made for a wonderful brief show of sunlight at the very end. We hope you can all enjoy this fun family session in Brooklyn.

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