To us nothing was off limits on our road trip to Upstate New York. It was the one time that danger was in the back of our minds. Having two daughters this isn’t a mentality one usually has, but when it was just the two of us we only had creativity holding us back. The desire to explore was so alive and dominant that it drove us to the tip of Long Island New York. The most expensive real estate in the world exists here. There is a reason people go out of their ways to visit the Hamptons, it is a landscape unlike any other in New York. Being Native Long Islanders we couldn’t believe the site in front our eyes when we walked upon this gorgeous beach in Montauk. Jennifer and Ted we wish you all the best on your journey, we know that you will be incredible leadersĀ for your little tribe-to-be. We hope you all enjoy this Maternity Shoot in Montauk.

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