Where can we begin with Chaka and CJ? They are both incredible individuals whom we fell in love with upon meeting them. We began discussing plans they had for their wedding and ended the consultation talking about our favorite beer, mixed drinks, and Breaking Bad. Our journey with these two took us to a forbidden property with which we paid passage with beers and cheers. We have learned so much of who they are, like the many others, through social media. They are both an example of how greatly we can all love. There were very few moments where tears of happiness, tears of excitement, tears of joy were not shed. You couldn’t be happier for two people, because you can’t help but see how perfect they are together. Every single detail came together flawlessly to produce an emotion filled, deeply nostalgic, classically¬†chic, incredibly¬†awesome wedding. Here are just a few images of Chaka+CJs big day. We hope you can all enjoy seeing how much these two love each other as much as we did.

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