It’s incredible how quickly¬†you can forget places where you’ve once been or even grew up in, luckily we can hold on to these memories through different mediums. Preserve them, enjoy them and share them with those we love. This is Definitely one that goes into the books. It was one of the coldest days New York City had seen in decades so clearly all we can think of is going out to shoot. I guess living in Texas, as long as we have, we have grown unaccustomed to winters up north. It was a recorded -1 degrees, with wind chills bringing it to feel -8 – -12 degrees. New York is truly the city that never stops, and having that mentality we set off to shoot on this incredibly cold Valentines day. Serendipitously finding out we had a couple of friends from Dallas also visiting The Big Apple while we were there, we got together for a small, torturously freezing photo shoot. These two are simply amazing, dealing with the temperature as if they were true New Yorkers. We walked the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan whilst I proved to be the worst native born New York tour guide. New York Is truly an inspiring city; an oasis of creativity and drive. You can’t help but take it all in and share your experiences. So here you all are, we hope you can enjoy this City as much as we have and shall continue to in the future.


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