How many images do you include for weddings?

600-800 images.

For shoots?

50+ images

What’s your turn around time? Shoot: 2-3 weeks Weddings: 4-6 weeks
Time may change by a bit during peak season.

How long do shoots normally run? 1 1/2 -2 hours

Gear?! two Canon 5D Mark iii’s, Sigma 35 mm art 1.4 , Sigma 50 mm 1.4 Canon 35 mm 1.4 L, Canon 24 mm L 1.4

Where do ya’ll find inspiration most?
Films, we absolutely love cinema. A lot of our inspiration comes from films.

Who in your life inspires ya’ll the most?

People, people inspire us. The way we are all connected and equal. How we are all so unique and incredible. The stories of these families, couples, or individuals. The fact that for an hour, a day or a week, we got to be with them, we got to experience them, we got to know them. Out of all the other places in the universe they could have been, they were right there with us, allowing us to watch them and take them into our hearts.

What is Documentary photography: Documentary photography to us is by far one of the closest to photojournalistic. This is when you as a photographer cannot intervene, you are but a fly on the wall observing. The images you captured have in no way been influenced by you (your presence possibly). They are only what you see as you see it.

How did you start photography?
Photography has always been a huge part of both of our lives since before we even met. As a couple we began shooting in 2012 and have officially been operating as a full time business for the past two years. There have been tons of obstacles in so many shapes and forms; one of our biggest obstacles starting off was “holding back.” We were so worried about what everyone else loved and what was popular that we lost sight of what we appreciated about photography. Once we stopped holding back we received a surprisingly positive response, we fell in love again. Everyday is a learning experience and there is still so much we have to achieve but we are so happy to be doing something that we truly love.

Any advice for someone that’s just starting off in this industry?
Don’t be afraid to try different things to find what you truly love. Aside from being a profession, photography is a journey. We can all look back at images and remember that specific time in our careers and see how much we’ve improved. Once you find what it is you love, the possibilities are endless.