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          Create what sets your heart on fire and it will illuminate the path ahead

          - Karma Voce


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          With a Passion for Colors, Texture and Depth we bring you this
          KSP Pack1

          It brings us great joy to bring you our first Pack of Presets for Lightroom and Photoshop ACR!! 

          Throughout our photography career we have struggled finding our style, finding that perfect way to share with others what we’ve seen. Through trial and error we found what we loved; we found colors, darkness and contrast. We made KSP Pack 1 with these things in mind. Maintaining consistency was also a huge concern which we were able to do after much testing with various file types. Cut your post processing time. Bring out the depth and colors of your images. All of this along with the nostalgic texture of grain will make KSP Pack 1 a great addition to your workflow.

          Fall In Love With editing All Over Again with
          KSP Pack 1

          When you purchase KSP Pack 1 you receive both Photoshop ACR and Lightroom Files. KSP Pack 1 comes with 10 Dedicated Presets: 2 Black and White Presets and 8 Color Presets, as well as workflow presets that help with grain and sharpening. We have spent time perfecting these presets so they can be easy to work with and deliver great results! Make sure to go check out our KSP Wanderers page on Facebook which will help you along your way in exploring these presets: videos, forums, and Live Chats!! These can be accessed by joining both our private Facebook or Instagram groups. These groups will be dedicated to helping our KSP community and its users. We can’t wait to see and hear about how KSP Pack1 is working for your art!

          KSP-BW1 : This preset is our more moody black and white. Adds a bit of contrast and darkens in just the right areas. This is our go to black and white for every densely emotional image.

          KSP-BW2: This BW is great when you’ve got those pesky highlights you’d like to dim down. Not as contrasty as our KSP-BW1 this BW is still on the darker side.

          KSP1: is one of our dark picture edits. It maintains the vibrant colors of any dark image and makes it easier to work with those pictures that you may have shot just a little too late.

          KSP2: is a warmth filled Preset that packs an orangy punch. Works great when you have a super overcast or cool day.

          KSP3: is one of our really contrast filled presets. works great with faded pictures or pictures that just need a punch.

          KSP4: is  the great equalizer. Works great when you have an overexposed background with a darker foreground.

          KSP5: is our go to edit. We shoot lots of backlit images and this is our signature edit for most of our images. This edit works well in most conditions making your pictures more vibrant, warm and dark

          KSP6: is one of our other equalizing presets. It is less dramatic than our KSP4 but works just as well when you need it to.

          KSP7: is another great go-to edit of ours. This one, compared to KSP5, desaturates certain colors to make the colors a bit less vibrant for those sun packed pictures that can be toned down just a bit.

          KSP8: is a rebel. Its an edit unlike the others. Its packed with great creamy “Minty” tones. These tones work great in vast yellow fields and continue to work awesome even indoors!

          What Users

          Are Saying

          Alex Bolen
          Stephanie Tomlinson
          Heather Terranova
          Shutter Darling Photography

          Finding your “style” can be an agonizing process. You find a perfect preset but then it won’t work on your next session. It’s frustrating! The KSP pack has answered my prayers. It never fails me on a session. The fact that I can use all off them and still tweak to keep my style is just amazing. I’m so impressed with the colors and that’s were I am most picky! To date my favorite go to presets for EVERYTHING.

          Olive Branch Photography

          Kevin+Stephanie's Presets are transforming the way I edit my photos! I have purchased other presets from Photographers before but they never seemed to work; I was having to tweak every photo and my workflow suffered. The KSP pack will give you that little extra something that make your images pop from the rest. There is an edit for everything: KSP 8 I love the muted tones for my indoor shoots, and KSP 1 is perfect for those golden hour sunsets. The B&W edit is the best out there, it is my "one-click-wonder". So much drama and it make the images really speak to you!

          Heather Terranova Photography

          I purchased KSP because I'm a lover of color and amazing golden sunsets. I have had such a hard time editing before and could never get my images how I envisioned. And let me say...KSP nails it every single time! These presets make it so incredibly easy and have really sped up my workflow. My images are exactly how I hoped they would be. Most of the time, everything is ONE click with minimal tweaking. This has definitely been one of the best purchases I've made for my business! Thank you Kevin+Stephanie for sharing your amazing knowledge!

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