Through our travels we love to meet people wherever we stop, and we have been fortunate enough to meet some incredibly wonderful individuals. Each with their own story and with their own outlook on life. On our way back from Delhi, New York we stayed in Tennessee at “Camp Grit” and were incredibly fortunate to meet and photograph our hosts. Primrose, Jim and Kestrel completely stole our hearts. From the incredible craftsmanship and detail of their self-built Cabin, to the incredible love they have put into their everyday lives. They are a family we have been incredibly honored to shoot. Kestrel is such an inspiring little soul whose laugh will wake your heart faster than the crow of any rooster. His desire for life so alive and in tact, it can’t help but rub off on you. An imagination so vivid he lives the dreams we all wish to be a part of; the pirate who’s mission it is to seek out dragons to either be-friend or destroy, to search for the gold that always seems to evade him, to explore all unknown and undiscovered areas in the place he calls “house.” We have learned and we have loved so much of what is the ‘Camp Grits’ family, we want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for opening up their home and opening up their family to us. We hope you all enjoy a peek into what makes these three so special.

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