KSP Pack 1


It brings us great joy to bring y’all our first Pack of Presets for Lightroom and ACR!! You’ll receive both sets when you purchase. This set of presets is great for any workflow. It brings out the warmth and rich darkness of any wonderful image. The pack comes with 10 Dedicated Presets: 2 BW Presets and 8 Color Presets, as well as workflow presets that help with grain and sharpening. We have spent time perfecting these presets so they can be easy to work with and deliver great results! With the purchase of this pack you are also given access to private content which will help you along your way in exploring these presets: videos, forums, and Live Chats!! These can be accessed by joining both our private Facebook or Instagram groups. These groups will be dedicated to helping our KSP community and its users. We can’t wait to see and hear about how KSP Pack1 is working for your art!


*No refunds on digital products


KSP-BW1 : This preset is our more moody black and white. Adds a bit of contrast and darkens in just the right areas. This is our go to black and white for every densely emotional image.


KSP-BW2: This BW is great when you’ve got those pesky highlights you’d like to dim down. Not as contrasty as our KSP-BW1 this BW is still on the darker side.


KSP1 is one of our dark picture edits. It maintains the vibrant colors of any dark image and makes it easier to work with those pictures that you may have shot just a little too late.


KSP2 is a warmth filled Preset that packs an orangy punch. Works great when you have a super overcast or cool day.


KSP3 is one of our really contrast filled presets. works great with faded pictures or pictures that just need a slight punch.


KSP4 is  a great equalizer. Works great when you have an overexposed background with a darker foreground.


KSP5 is our go to edit. We shoot lots of backlit images and this is our signature edit for most of our images. This edit works well in most conditions making your pictures more vibrant, warm and dark


KSP6 is one of our other equalizing presets. It is less dramatic than our KSP4 but works just as well when you need it to.


KSP7 is another great go-to edit of ours. This one, compared to KSP5, desaturates certain colors to make the colors a bit less vibrant for those sun packed pictures that can be toned down just a bit.


KSP8 is a rebel. Its an edit unlike the others. Its packed with great creamy “Minty” tones. These tones work great in vast yellow fields and continue to work awesome even indoors!